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What Our Students Say

“PARTHIPAN – Coimbatore”

Hello I’m Parthiban and wish to express about Mr. Arun

He has a very good knowledge about share trading and technology. Which he is upgrading day by day. His vision is to widely spread his knowledge and techniques to people like us, which is now helping us to make money at his difficult economic situation.

When I strated training with him I felt comfortable in learning and was able to get answers fo all the questions. Every part of the training was wide and in depth. Year back
I traded without any understanding and knowledge. After training I am able to co-relate with the market movement and have a different vision towards it.

I thank him for his continuous support and guidance. I would like this relation to be long lasting and wishing him all the very best for his expansion of training and technology


“Pradeep – Chennai”

Hi ,

This is Pradeep from chennai . First of all I would like to thank Mr. Arun sir the founder of Share Market Profile . One of the best platform to learn about stock markets and the content is very clearly explained by Mr. Arun sir and the subject matter make this classes were the most interesting module .The chart patterns and the technical aspect of the stock market is very much beneficial in the ultimate long term . The best part is his support who are always ready to help and clear our doubts . I have certainly gained technical knowledge and definitely better then what I was before . Thanks a lot to Mr.Arun sir who helped me to gain knowledge about the technical analysis and thanks to support for helping me through out the course and for the care .🙏😊

“Naren – chennai”

Mr Arun Kumar of the Share Market Profile is an excellent coach and mentor. He is a very powerful and an emotional coach who can motivate anyone for good achievements. The usage of his own Profile , Anchor and Renko charts paired with moving averages is very precise for predicting market behaviour and entry points for trading . After training he ensures that the student understands the concepts and trading methods, till full success is indeed achieved. The Trading Academy also helps with daily market calls and post market analyses. I personally have seen many coaches but no one compares to                     Mr.Arun Kumar of Share Market Profile… so join in soon folks!!!!”

“Ravindran – Coimbatore”

Hi this is Ravindran from Coimbatore. I would like to share my feedback about Mr.Arun Kumar the founder of Share Market Profile. He is the best trainer and mentor i have ever come across. The strategy he has taught me is a really Powerful technique that makes me to earn profit on intraday trading. The key benefits in his training program is that we don’t need to memorize all the candlestick patterns that used by most of the traders in the market.He has customized market profile charts and Renko charts for better results in which most of his students are getting benefited by using it. Upon all proud to say that me his first batch student still getting support and trading inputs from him even after completing the course that is where he stands different from other trainers available in the market. I am really thankful to   Mr.Arun kumar for his training which really made me to see the market in different perspective. Thank You sir.


What Our Students Say

His training method is simple with lot of related examples which helped me to correlate with stock market. His attention towards individual training is very inspiring and encouraging.

Thank you for the wonderful live video demonstration.  Anticipating more such Zoom meeting. Have a nice day.

I learnt Market Profile from Mr.Arun Kumar sir. I was a slow  learner and it took me time to undersatnd the setup but gradually. I gained confidence in trading. Arun Kumar sir teaches to him for the positive approach to trading which I learnt from him. I am also thankful to his team which has encouraged me in my trading journey.

Devatha Kannan

Your one life is not enough to experience everything and there are very less people who shares his experience. When someone shares like Mr.Arun who spent lot of time in analysing market and serving you everything readymade in the plate to have. Where you cannot predict anything completely but he teaches the tools and methods to predict which will take you towards successful journey.