About What We Do & How We Got Here

We train Market Profile and Order Flow concepts in Equities, Futures, Commodities, Forex, etc. We have 21 years of experience in markets with that we created Powerful trading strategies which gives Consistent Results.

  • The program is different from any other program because we teach concepts and you have to apply the concept in the live market. Our program focuses more on the Risk Management and to Project Capital.

  • To achieve success in trading, first survival in the market is must then only success is possible. To become successful Professional traders, people must practice PDRC Concept i.e., Patience, Discipline, Risk Management and Consistency.

  • Live Trading Desk helps to recover your training Fees within 21 Days.

    We train our students to take trading decisions on their own with 100% Confidence with amazing Risk : Reward ratio of 1 : 10 (Risk always 2%). We support until you get Consistent Profits from the markets for atleast 21 Days.

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  • ARUN KUMAR is one of the best coaches in the area of stock trading and money management. Venturing into this journey, he experienced the thick and thins of the Equity as well as Commodity market.

  • ARUN KUMAR started his training program and made it a personal mission to help those traders who lost their money as well as wealth in the stock market. The program focuses on Trading Plan, Consistent profits and Risk to Reward ratio (Not less than 1:10 and keeping Risk always 2%).

  • ARUN KUMAR’S passion, discipline and money management skills have helped propel him into a Successful trainer, Coach and a Role model.

  • Share Market Profile is beneficial for both beginners and experienced traders, who wish to get success in day trading, swing trading, and positional trading.