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Day Trading

Follow the foot prints of Institutional Participation in the trading script using our market profile and Order flow concept and become a consistently profitable trader.

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Professional Trader

No matter who you are, where you are or which instrument you trade, either it may be Stocks, Futures, Commodity or Forex. Our concepts, rules and our charts are applicable to any financial scripts trading in the world markets.

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Options Pro

Learn the professional way of trading options and trade like pro, to generate wealth with Low Risk

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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To empower people to take control of their trading and investment decisions using our Unique Renko Chart and Market Profile Concepts. Trade, invest, and explore the opportunities in financial markets to attain not only financial goals but also Wealth Creation.

Our vision

Our Share Market Profile will change the way you think about a Stock Market. Our strategy is to find Institutional Participation in live trading using our best-in-class Charting Software. Our concepts and trading method provides a cutting edge to traders to generate more profits with Low Risk.

Live Trading Desk

Our students have exclusive access to live trading room. Using our Live Analysis and recommendations you will learn as well as Earn On Daily Basis on the following scripts.






Who We Are

Our goal is to empower people to earn consistent returns for minimum period of 21 days.

We train Market Profile and Order Flow concepts in Equities, Futures, Commodities, Forex, etc. We have 21 years of experience in markets with that we created Powerful trading strategies which gives Consistent Results.

The program is different from any other program because we teach concepts and you have to apply the concept in the live market. Our program focuses more on the Risk Management and to Project Capital.

To achieve success in trading, first survival in the market is must then only success is possible. To become successful Professional traders, people must practice PDRC Concept i.e., Patience, Discipline, Risk Management and Consistency.

Live Trading Desk helps to recover your training Fees within 21 Days.

We train our students to take trading decisions on their own with 100% Confidence with amazing Risk : Reward ratio of 1 : 10 (Risk always 2%). We support until you get Consistent Profits from the markets for atleast 21 Days.


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Our Latest News

Life of Full Time Trader

The concept of building a bank account, quitting the job, and being your own boss is an attractive one, but this is the dream, and very few people have the character or patience to make it happen. Those select few who made it to the top now enjoy financial freedom,...

Trading Guidelines for Success

There are some simple guidelines that if followed, will immensely help to increase the likelihood of success and survival in the market. The following guidelines must be understood and taken seriously by all new profile traders: 1. Trading is not gambling or a game of...

Life of Full Time Trader

The concept of building a bank account, quitting the job, and being your own boss is an attractive one, but this is the dream, and very few people have the character or patience to make it happen. Those select few who made it to the top now enjoy financial freedom,...


What Our Students Say

"Mr Arun Kumar of the Share Market Profile is an excellent coach and mentor. He is a very powerful and an emotional coach who can motivate anyone for good achievements. The usage of his own Profile , Anchor and Renko charts paired with moving averages is very precise for predicting market behaviour and entry points for trading . After training he ensures that the student understands the concepts and trading methods, till full success is indeed achieved. The Trading Academy also helps with daily market calls and post market analyses. I personally have seen many coaches but no one compares to Mr.Arun Kumar of Share Market Profile"


"Initially I was skeptical to enter into stock market till I find systematic way to think about market. After a long search of big names where mass webinars / batches are conducted i found Mr.Arun who conducts the session one to one basis which was unique in current scenarios.
So I grabbed that opportunity and decided to associate with him. Then there is no looking back, his training method is simple with lot of related examples which helped me to correlate with stock market. His attention towards individual training is very inspiring and encouraging. He not only shows the path but also walk with you holding your hands till you are confident to walk towards success. Your one life is not enough to experience everything and there are very less people who shares his experience. When someone shares like Mr.Arun who spent lot of time in analyzing market and serving you everything readymade in the plate to have. Where you cannot predict anything completely but he teaches the tools and methods to predict which will take you towards successful journey.


"This is Pradeep from chennai . First of all I would like to thank Mr. Arun sir the founder of Share Market Profile . One of the best platform to learn about stock markets and the content is very clearly explained by Mr. Arun sir and the subject matter make this classes were the most interesting module .The chart patterns and the technical aspect of the stock market is very much beneficial in the ultimate long term . The best part is his support who are always ready to help and clear our doubts . I have certainly gained technical knowledge and definitely better then what I was before . Thanks a lot to Mr.Arun sir who helped me to gain knowledge about the technical analysis and thanks to support for helping me through out the course and for the care ."




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